Decorative chrome plating technology

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Content of the video course "3K chromium plating technology":

  • 3k chromium plating technology, recipes for the preparation of solutions.
  • How to prepare concentrates of solutions for chromium plating.
    (This is very important, given that it is not very convenient to prepare solutions each time during work, it is much easier to use ready-made concentrates. Where, I measured the required amount, diluted with water and the solution is ready. It is not always necessary to prepare solutions in liters, sometimes a small amount is needed, it can be easily measured with a simple syringe and just add water)
  • How to properly prepare any surface for metallization.
  • Secrets of good adhesion for metallization.
  • How to prepare a simple passivator.
  • Features of the preparation of solutions at various temperature conditions of metallization.
  • Features of the preparation of solutions for various methods of application.
  • Mirror defects and how to prevent them.
  • Frequently asked questions about plating.
  • How to do plating at home.

An excerpt from the video course "How to prepare solutions from concentrates"


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